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Telson Health can help. We offer functional medicine consulting for women all over the world. We'll work with you to find the root cause of your health concerns and create a personalized plan to whole-body health and vitality.

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We are Charlene and Deb, the co-founders of Telson Health.
Having spent a combined 50+ years practicing traditional medicine, we began to realize that there is so much MORE we could be doing to help people become healthy and stay that way.

Utilizing our Functional Medicine training, we identify the true cause of your symptoms and customize a road map to sustained wellness and optimum health.  Our goal for every person we work with is to have them THRIVE again.


 EVERYONE deserves to feel their best.
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Meet the Team

What is functional medicine and why do we think it is so powerful? 


Functional medicine is an individualized, whole-body, science-based approach used to uncover the unique reasons why YOUR symptoms or illness develop. 

We work together to identify your body's imbalances, by understanding your:

  • lifestyle
  • environment
  • nutrition
  • movement habits
  • and genetic makeup

      through history taking and specialized testing.

This deeply holistic understanding of root causes allows us to create a customized targeted approach to improving your health. 

Once you eliminate the root cause of your symptoms and arm yourself with education and empowerment, it is ABSOLUTELY possible for you to achieve sustained health and wellness. How powerful is THAT? 

Who we help...


We specialize and are passionate about working with highly motivated women who want to



How we work together 


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Your journey to a total health reset starts here.


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Is this you?

  • Stuck in a rut with low energy?
  • Overwhelmed and wanting to break the cycle but don’t know how to start?
  • Gaining weight despite healthy eating and exercise?
  • Constant stomach bloating?
  • Interrupted sleep?
  • Daily brain fog?
  • The doctor proclaims you're "fine", but you don't feel that way?

You've come to



Together, we've got this.


Empowering women with the tools to heal themselves and sustain their wellness going forward is OUR JAM.


We dive deep into the root causes of your symptoms, then create an individualized plan to get you feeling more energetic, sleeping better, and looking your BEST.


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“At Telson Health, we believe that each and every person has a unique pathway to improving their health.  Given the right tools, guidance, and empowerment, we believe this journey to be possible and everlasting.”

Charlene and Deb 
Co-Founders of Telson Health Functional Medicine